Be in 2023

Be calm
Be guided
Be focused
Be intentional
Be compassionate
Be your best YOU!!

This expansion experience is a 6-week LIVE group program featuring MIND MAGICĀ® that will teach you how to use your mind as the magical tool that it is to support yourself in showing up as the unstoppable leader that you are.

Through this foundational program, you will discover what has been holding you back, and become empowered with mind and body tools to emerge your best YOU!

Here are all the details!

  • Weekly group informational sessions kicking off Tuesday January 17th and runs through Tuesday February 21st.
  • Each session runs from 90 minutes to 2hours and will be recorded and available through the end of February 2023
  • Private Facebook group to share, grow, learn in a beautiful and safe community
  • Pop-up masterclasses
  • Break some habits, create new ones and become the best YOU!
  • Basic level investment = $497 includes 6 weeks of group program, private Facebook page, pop-up masterclasses
  • Premium level investment = $997 includes basic PLUS unlimited Voxer support, (1) 60 minute coaching session at the conclusion of the program

Using neuroscience, spirituality, metacognition (thought work) and somatic practices, I will help you become the powerful grounded superb being you are meant to be.

Expand your vision of who you are and create the life you desire!