The Core Energy Coaching™ Process

"Created by Bruce D Schneider, Ph.D., M.C.C, the Core Energy Coaching process helps bring out the potential in a client, be it a person, couple, family, or corporation. This process is done by emotionally connecting the client's inner purpose and passion to outer goals and strategies to bring out extraordinary and sustainable results."

Coaching is a trusted partnership where we design a plan to meet your goals –coaching takes what’s inside and translates it into outer goals that you accomplish step-by-step. Coaches help you be the very best you can be and inspire and champion you. They get you to do things beyond what you thought you could do. Coaching helps you break through what holds you back from manifesting your dreams – and challenges people to focus time on what they want to do.

My approach to coaching is focused on the whole person. I do not focus on the work person or the home person. You will be better everywhere when you are living in alignment with your true self. Understanding how you show up energetically and learning how to adjust that to show up differently is the key to your success.

We will engage and create a trusted partnership. We will enhance your thinking, helping to gain clarity on goals and areas of focus. We will enable you by helping you become aware of and raise your energy, removing obstacles, changing old patterns and stories and becoming more aligned with who you were meant to be.

We will empower you to soar, going out and Emerging You.

Coaching packages are tailored to meet your needs. They may include weekly or bi-weekly private sessions, email, and phone support, ELI assessment debrief and strategy development.

Group coaching is available and tailored to the groups' needs.



"Suzy is a great teacher and makes this meditation very accessible and realistic. She makes it easy to understand and practice. This meditation has helped me reset and gain calm during several difficult times, and I am grateful for it. Suzy is very reachable for questions and the sessions with her are amazing! "

— Heather B.

"Suzy helped me with getting clear on what I desired to be, every day, every moment. Suzy helped me be clear about how I wanted to show up in the world for the world around me and for myself."

— Roseann A.

"I felt her Reiki energy work from many states away!  It was amazing!  I continued to feel the effects for days afterward and it truly was a body and mind changing event for me.  Suzy Domenick is extremely intuitive and compassionate. "

— Chris D.

"Suzy's holistic approach has provided me with a deeper understanding of my behaviors and equipped me with the necessary tools to successfully handle those situations in many different areas of my life."

— Alison F.