About Suzy

Suzy Domenick

Coach • Reiki Practitioner • Meditation Teacher

Suzy is a certified professional coach, intuitive healer and Reiki professional.

She brings 35 years of Human Resources and leadership experience along with a passion to help individuals break through what is blocking them from achieving their goals. Suzy’s unique approach of coaching the whole person and using both core energy coaching practices as well as Reiki principles enables individuals to see improvements in all areas of their life.

Through a process of discovery, you will be able to name what is truly holding you back, reframe it, release it and move toward a more fulfilled life. This will allow you to step into your most confident self to help you accomplish your goals. You will do the difficult inner work, in order for you to achieve the outer goals you envision. How does she know how to do this? She has walked in these shoes.

For years, Suzy held beliefs of herself that did not serve her highest good. She fought depression even as she climbed the corporate ladder and faced and healed many wounds that held her back from being her best self. Suzy had a story of not being lovable that rang in her head and heart for far too long. As she began to get to the root of it and reframed it and released it, she blossomed. She journaled her transformation in her blog, The Morning Butterfly, as well as a book by the same name.

Suzy Domenick



"Suzy is a great teacher and makes this meditation very accessible and realistic. She makes it easy to understand and practice. This meditation has helped me reset and gain calm during several difficult times, and I am grateful for it. Suzy is very reachable for questions and the sessions with her are amazing! "

— Heather B.

"Suzy helped me with getting clear on what I desired to be, every day, every moment. Suzy helped me be clear about how I wanted to show up in the world for the world around me and for myself."

— Roseann A.

"I felt her Reiki energy work from many states away!  It was amazing!  I continued to feel the effects for days afterward and it truly was a body and mind changing event for me.  Suzy Domenick is extremely intuitive and compassionate. "

— Chris D.

"Suzy's holistic approach has provided me with a deeper understanding of my behaviors and equipped me with the necessary tools to successfully handle those situations in many different areas of my life."

— Alison F.