My blog, The Morning Butterfly, is my personal healing Journey. Through my experience, I share what I call the cha cha of life, and hope that it inspires others to dig deep and heal their wounds, allowing them to soar!

Divine Light

By Suzy Domenick | Dec 6, 2020 |

“You are a Divine being of light. Let yours shine.” There are some people who shine their light so bright, without trying, you cannot miss them. How many of us look into the eyes of Mother Teresa and can see her soul? This humble, scrappy little woman had a light that was so bright it…

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Gratitude in Isolation….

By Suzy Domenick | Nov 29, 2020 |

This is a time of year for celebration. In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving and the harvest of the land that allowed us to survive in a new place. We celebrate the food on the table. We celebrate the football that is played. We celebrate the people who are around us and important to…

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No Regrets..

By Suzy Domenick | Nov 22, 2020 |

“Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.” Scrolling along on Instagram and this scrolls on by. Boom! It immediately reminded of a principal I have learned that I truly try to live by now, “you mad the best decision you could with the information you had at that moment.…

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A New Moon Wish…

By Suzy Domenick | Nov 15, 2020 |

It is a new moon today. That little sliver of a moon that reminds you that a new cycle is beginning. That little sliver of a moon that allows for new ideas, new wishes and new intentions and wipes away all of the clutter. That little sliver of a moon that helps us all move…

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The Book…

By Suzy Domenick | Nov 9, 2020 |

Book club was scheduled for Monday evening at 6pm. That was always book club, once a month or so on a Monday at about 6pm. Since the pandemic took hold, it has been via Zoom that the club meets versus someone’s house. As the group rotated from home to home, the appetizers and dinners would…

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The Singing Bowls

By Suzy Domenick | Nov 1, 2020 |

Walking into the room felt at home. The square space had mats laid out 6 feet apart, a chair every now and again and a splattering of local artists wears around the walls. The space was warmly lit, with a vibration that filled the heart with love. As Donna said hello, there was a lilt…

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Long and Winding Road

By Suzy Domenick | Oct 25, 2020 |

I forgot just how beautiful the ride along the Merritt Parkway is, the trees perfectly lining the twists and turns of the road. Add the golds, reds and greens of the season and it was truly a breathtaking view through my windshield. As I drove I recalled the 3 1/2 years of commuting over 2…

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By Suzy Domenick | Oct 18, 2020 |

The adage, “youth is wasted on the young,” has been coming up a lot lately, in my thoughts, in my meditations and in some of my discussions. When you are young, you hear this and discount it. The young are strong, opinionated, immortal, invincible, and not as stuck in our ways as you oldies. The…

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