The Singing Bowls

Walking into the room felt at home. The square space had mats laid out 6 feet apart, a chair every now and again and a splattering of local artists wears around the walls. The space was warmly lit, with a vibration that filled the heart with love. As Donna said hello, there was a lilt in her voice that said, “I see you and I love you.” She is filled with love and gratitude. The immediate feel is comfortable. There are candles lit, and a soft scent in the air. In the far corner are about 20 different sized crystal bowls, each with their own frequency.

As people filed into the space to take their place on a mat or a chair, she greeted each with love and grace, welcoming them with open arms and an open heart. There were 11 there, all looking for some semblance of peace, garnering of energy and letting go. Tonight was the time and place for each to let go of fears that no longer served them, succumbing to the full moon’s energy to align goals and values and focus on healing at a cellular level.

As the group got comfortable, the bowls began to sing. Their sound filled the room as if there was nothing else there but you and the bowls. At times the vibration was so strong you could feel it sing throughout your body. Different sounds brought you to different places. Some allowed for the body to sink into the mat and be comfortable while others created a force that had your back arch and body move. Colors would show up in your minds eye, feelings washing over you as you allowed yourself to be in this moment.

Body parts moved involuntarily, very often releasing the very fears that are holding your back. Large sighs came from the deepest crevices of your body allowing you to expel the negative energy blocking you from moving forward. As hands opened to accept the hands of those who have passed before you, whether they be your family or your guides, you could feel presence. The safety, the love, the gratitude, the joy that filled the space, filled your heart with each swirl of a bowl. It was an incredibly moving experience allowing for clarity and peace.

Afterwards, as everyone shared, it was obvious that the collective energy allowed many of the participants to gain greater relaxation, greater clarity and greater focus. It became apparent that each person was there for a reason, a way to connect with a community.

This collective energy along with the full blue moon energy gave so much to everyone. People walked out not drained but re-charged, letting go of the heaviness and allowing for the peace and joy to return. During these difficult days of being isolated, seeing and being part of a lot of conflict, this hour provided a respite from it all and a way to move forward from the chaos.

In the light of the new day, visibility is clearer than ever. Healing has begun at a deeper level. This is the dawn of a new day, filled with love, gratitude and joy.

The singing bowls sang into my heart, which is now clear to move toward love.


  1. Karen Koch on November 1, 2020 at 3:16 pm

    As always, you touch me. Sounds like an amazing experience. xo Karen

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