Edge of 60

What? 60? That’s fucked up. Do i feel 60? No. Do i look 60? I don’t know, I am not sure what 60 looks like anymore. Yet, here I am on the edge of this precarious age, on the cusp of being old. Tomorrow, I turn this weird age. An age that people begin to expect less from, you are too old to learn new things or be up on the newest rage. It’s an age some of been deprived of so of course we feel blessed, but at what expense? Crickety old bones that snap, crackle and pop. Joints that don’t move as well. Trying to figure out medicare and social security. The edge of 60!

The last decade brought tremendous change. Changes in patterns of behavior, changes in exercise and diet, changes in work, changes in purpose, changes. This decade brought healing. This decade brought spiritual alignment. This decade brought a belief that something bigger has my back, I will always land. I learned to trust me more. Trust the energetic changes my heightened senses feel, trust myself more to land upright, without a need to control it all. Trust that I make the best decision I can with the information I have, without judgement later. And put my faith in others more. At 50 I trusted nobody. I was ripped of that by others and chose to only trust myself. I found that trust created expectations that may not be met. Disappointing myself over and over. I now trust others more, having more faith in me, others and the universe.

I am much more comfortable in my skin. I don’t judge me so I no longer judge others. I will listen to others observation of me and make adjustments, understanding and deciding what pattern should be let go. That is a process and I now have patience for that process. I let people know when I realize I have let them down and I let go of the anger/hurt more quickly when I feel let down. I focus less on what I don’t have, less on what my limits are and more on what I have, where I am and what opportunities lie ahead. At 59 and 364 days, I am more me than ever and less apologetic about me.

The edge of 60 now means I am the elder generation. That in it of itself is strange. You aren’t considered hip or cool anymore, you no longer are sought after for your opinion.

If 60 is the new 40, then this is going to be a great decade. Although I cannot move like I did at 40, I am schooled in so much more and am a much more confident version of myself. I am kinder and less self-absorbed. I have lost so much, my heart is softer. I have seen so much that I am more forgiving of myself and others.

As we move into this last portion of life, I hope to continue to grow, learn, adjust and love and have fun. Here’s to the edge of 60!


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  2. Suzy on September 19, 2021 at 8:42 pm

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