A new chapter…big and bold

New Year’s Eve. The end of one chapter and the beginning of anew. The closing of the 2015 story and the blank page of the 2016 story to start fresh. The day many people come up with resolutions that many do not keep with the same intention they set. Certainly not a judgement, I have followed this pattern a lot, just a mere fact that we can all see in the gym. January 2 nd of any year is far more crowded at the gym than say March 2nd!

Many new year’s resolutions are focused on physical attributes, losing weight or getting fit, or focused on the job that will make us happy or the relationship that will complete us. These are all certainly important and easily can be a focus for many. These actions will certainly make many of us feel better which will translate into seeming happier. But happiness also comes from a deep place within, where we are aligned and we change those things out of alignment and we evolve.

Everyone is different so for many digging deep is not what they want. Losing the weight, getting that promotion, are what will bring some joy or happiness into their lives. How resolved they are equals the amount of work they will put in. I know my resolve was never enough to keep me at the gym consistently beyond March. I needed to dig deeper and become more aligned with who I am becoming versus who I was.

For the last couple of years I have focused my resolutions more inside than out. What should I change or focus on that will guide me toward the person I am becoming. What will I do differently to be happier, to grow and focus on my greatest good. What foundation do I build on?

I recently read a quote by Brendon Burchard that resonated with me on this point, “If the only challenges you are facing in life right now are the ones life has thrown at you, then you are not directing your own destiny-you are merely reacting to the world. You are not guiding yourself. The greatest challenges we face in life should be the ones we decide to take on because we have bold vision for ourselves. That is how you know you are consciously designing your life.”

As I thought about this along with my lessons from 2015, I began to really focus on that bold vision for myself. In the quiet of this morning I watched a video I made last New Year’s Day where I created the mantra, Big, Bold and Brave for 2015.  Hmmm, not sure I lived it completely but certainly I did do some things to lay that foundation for 2016!  I was bold and brave in sharing tools and learnings with others hoping to inspire. I built a better relationship with myself and am no longer the fixer of everyone’s issues and it is no longer my job to keep everyone together. Ok, I was chicken shit in others. I didn’t date at all. I signed up for online dating but did nothing with it. I didn’t meet anyone and nobody asked me out on a date, my gosh not even coffee! Much of that is me and fear, I at least know that!

I think I will keep big, bold and brave as a mantra and continue to focus on that big vision for my life. I know this means creating some challenges that will guide me toward this big vision and that in itself will be frightening, but I’m up for it! This is our year to live bigger bolder and braver than ever! It is our time to move closer to our vision and be the best version of ourselves possible.




  1. Karen Koch on December 31, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    Happy new year, Suz! Beautiful piece. So apropos as I sit and write my resolutions, believe it or not!! Love the quote about challenges from within. Wow. Again, thanks for making my life more complete not only with your blog, but with your friendship!!!! I love you, my friend! Karen

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  2. Suzy on December 31, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    Happy new year Karen, so glad to have you as my friend!!

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