A Note from the Universe…

“It’s not the day you have to manage, Suzy, but the moment. It’s not the dragon you have to slay, but the fear. And it’s not the path you have to know, but the destination. What a relief, huh?” ~ Universe


Easily said by the Universe.  How easily done by me, not sure! Reading this struck a few cords and resonated with where I am and what I am doing, sometimes not very well,  but doing it all the same.

It’s not the day you have to manage but the moment. Being in the moment was a new concept for me in 2003. I sat in a 1 1/2 hour class with strangers all trying to understand mindfulness. We each searched to understand why we were rarely in the moment, focused on now versus “then” or “to come.” As we sat in a small room, I could look out at the beautiful grounds with the purple mountains in the distance. This amazing place, Miraval,  introduced me to meditation, mindfulness, floatation, auyervedic treatments, and the power of energy. Here I focused on being conscious, being mindful and managing the moment, not the day, or week, or month, etc.  By not focusing on the whole day but only the moment I am actually in I  manage my reaction more easily. I can choose how to react, how to think, feel, at that moment without worrying about later. It keeps me in the moment, where I can really listen to another, hear my inner guidance, be as authentic as possible. By managing the moment, I am not anxious about the past, rehashing it at every turn, over thinking, and over analyzing. I am not worrying about the future, as I focused on this moment and this moment only. The times when I replay the past over and over, I can feel myself slip into a place that is negative, anxious and full of fear not love. I find myself feeling terrible about me, about others, and not happy. My heart will race, my brain doesn’t stop, and my self talk goes sideways, telling me all the negative I once believed. When I breathe and bring myself back into the moment, I lose that anxious feeling, the sadness dissipates and love overtakes fear. Focusing on the future only adds worry to the mix. Getting caught up in what may be, not having any real control, causes the same reactions as focusing on the past. Manage the moment, be aware and choose which “you” should show up. Manage the moment, from a place of love,

Slay the fear. I know at times in the past I have written about fear, and at times fear and love. These are the two emotions that everything else really stems from. Fear can stop me in my tracks. My ex once told me I decide I can’t do something before I even attempt it. I am fearful of failure, I am fearful of getting physically hurt.  I am fearful of intimacy .  I am fearful of hurting my heart. I am fearful of love. Slaying my fear would open an entire world to me. Slaying my fears of intimacy would perhaps open me up to an intimate relationship. Slaying my fear of failure would open me up to trying new things, and meeting new people. Slaying my fears of getting hurt would allow me to jump into things, whether they be physical in nature or emotional, today I hold back…a lot. Slay the fear.

It’s not the path you have to know, it’s the destination. This is something that I have been really working on. Enjoy the journey and the process, know where you want to be and end up, but how you get there may be different than you thought. I know a lot of people who think they are extremely goal oriented and break things down to all the steps they are going to take. It is so crafted that when some obstacle comes along they aren’t sure what to do next. They are so wedded to how to get somewhere, the curveball thrown really can freak them out. Although having a plan is great, you need to also allow faith to guide you. Sometimes the path you were taking needs to change and you change it. Keeping your eye on the destination is how you end up there, not necessarily how you were planning on getting there. Not being attached to the how but the what is really cool. You see all the possibilities, opportunities right in front of you.

As I read this and thought about it, I can see it as a great formula for a happy life. Manage the moment, not focusing on the past or future; slay the fear not the dragon; Focus on the end game, allow the “how” to be however it is supposed to be.

Notes from the Universe, remember the universe has your back.



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