Ask, Believe, Receive…

Ask, Believe, Receive. Those three words are really important to me as we begin 2019. I am focused this year on allowing life to unfold more without me controlling so much. I am asking clearly for what I want, believing I deserve it and believing in the magic of the universe and then being open to receive no matter how it comes my way. This has not always been the way I have lived, and I am finding that it is a bit scary. I am open to allowing life to unfold more, having less control and being much more present versus worrying or being anxious any longer.  So, what does all this look like? Here is my perspective on Ask, Believe and Receive.

Ask for what you want. In order to ask for what you want you must be clear on what you want. Your thoughts need to be positive and focused on what it is you want in the coming months and year. One of my practices is writing it down. I spend a significant amount of time getting very clear, focusing on what I want not what I don’t want. I challenge my thinking along the way, getting clearer and more exact. I also spend time thinking about what I need to do to prepare myself for what I want. As an example, I want a partnership with someone who will lift me, encourage me, support me and love me even when I am not overly lovable. I have spent time writing down traits of the partner I want, how I want to feel in the relationship, what is important to me. Then to prepare myself, I have done work on myself. What has held me back from other relationships? What has gotten in the way in my behavior of attracting what I truly want in my life? What thought patterns do I need to change? Once clear on those, focusing in on my part in all of that. How do I evolve, heal, forgive, etc? That is my part in the asking, the universe then guides me to follow my heart and be open to who shows up, (No, this hasn’t happened yet, but I am preparing for it). Once clear on what it is you want and what your preparation is, then you give it up to the Universe (or God). That can be done through prayer, meditation, or whatever way to share your thoughts with God or the Universe. Keeping it positive and focused is a key ingredient.

Believe that everything is working toward your highest good, believe in yourself, believe in the magic of the universe helping you manifest what you want. Belief is tricky. Our minds all play tricks on us, telling us that we aren’t good enough, or we missed that opportunity or we are crazy for thinking that anything but our own blood, sweat and tears is going to get us what we truly want. ┬áBelieving is the most difficult part for me. So this year, my word is Believe. Believe in my abilities and preparation, believe in the magic of the universe, believe in things unfolding for my highest good. Believe that everything is conspiring to give me what I truly want, which means not being tied to the process or the how and being open to the outcome. Belief is also about timing, mine versus the universe. I am getting better in realizing that the when is not always up to me.

Receive what you ask for, receive it openly, with little control for how it is done. Again, something I have had to work on over the years. The how! I was pretty good in my corporate job in letting people get to the outcome we wanted the way they thought was best and didn’t have to have things my way all of the time. I say pretty good because it didn’t come naturally and it wasn’t always easy. Giving up how something gets done has been a journey for me as a leader. As I became better at it though I also became a better leader truly empowering others. This is how I am trying to approach receive in 2019. How it unfolds is not up to me. I need to do the preparation and the work and then be open to the opportunities and possibilities. Being open to receive requires using much more feminine energy in a world dictated by masculine energy. This has been a journey for a few years and I believe in 2019 will come to fruition for me, where I am more open to receive, and focused on being more from my open heart instead of my head. Getting out of my head and into my heart has meant losing some control, allowing others to do instead of me and not needing to fix things all of the time.

Ask. Believe. Receive. A way to be focused, prepared, and open to the infinite possibilities coming our way in 2019!


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