Believing is Seeing…

For so many of us, we must see something to believe it is real. In order for many to believe there is life in the universe outside of earth,  we need to see that life, think ET. In order to believe that there is an afterlife, many need to see a “ghost” or spirit. In order to believe someone is telling us the truth, we need to see whatever it is they are talking about. That skepticism grows as we grow, the older we get the less we believe unless we see or experience something.

Think back to you as a child, did you need to see something to believe it? Or did you believe, so then things made sense? As kids, our beliefs and our thoughts were in the moment and we believed them no matter what. We didn’t have that cynical view yet. I believed in Santa, and so those toys showing up on Christmas morning were just what was expected because I believed. As a child, the belief was in our hearts, not our heads. Before we became cynics we were open to believing based on how we felt.

I have a really close friend who is a self-proclaimed realist. She doesn’t usually believe unless she sees things or they are proved to her in some way. Psychic abilities are not something that she believes lightly. My belief in signs though has pushed her pragmatic thinking a bit, yet she still needs to see in order to believe.

What if we replaced seeing with feeling? Believing is feeling. What if we allowed our child like wonder to take over and just feel in order to believe? Do you believe people love you even when they don’t physically show that love? Do you just feel it in the way they say “be careful” or “I love you?” Must it always be physically shown? What if we just allowed that child like wonder to be there, and allow ourselves to feel. So often, as adults, feeling isn’t “allowed.” We try to remove feelings from decision making, we say things like “make a list of pros and cons to make a decision.” Well, yes, that helps us to see objectively the costs and benefits of any decision, but what changes if we ask, “what feels right?” If we tune into that feeling, that intuition, that gut, we will make the same decision? Sometimes yes, sometimes know. We will make the decision that is right for us, at that moment, if we really listen to our intuition. Do we see our intuition? I would suggest that we feel our intuition. So often, again as pragmatic adults, we ignore that intuition because either we can’t explain it or it defies the logical mind. As an example, I ignored my intuition after I met my ex-husband. There were a number of things that didn’t quite sit well in the first few months of us being together, my gut was on fire at times and I ignored it and followed what I saw and what was said to me. The actions and the words didn’t always match, I followed the words, never the feelings. I wanted to believe so much that I ignored my intuition, and all the messages that I was receiving.

As we start the holiday season and the spirit of all of the magic begins, let’s do so with the childlike wonder we once we had. Let’s believe in the spirit instead of having to see it. Let’s believe that spirit lives in all of our hearts and treat each other and ourselves with that unconditional love, acceptance and wonderment. Let’s feel more and think less. Let’s believe and then see the goodness instead of needing to see it and only see the ugly is played out on television, movies and the internet.

I, for one, will believe in order to see, believe in order to feel versus having to see everything to believe in it. Believing is seeing, believing is feeling.

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