Bloom – A Beautiful Process of Becoming

~Author Unknown


The backyard is an oasis, with its surrounding woods and wildlife abounding. Birds are chirping, flitting from feeder to feeder while squirrels are running around fighting for the birdseed on the ground. There is a beautiful red fox in the side yard with some breakfast in his mouth, hearing a human voice, the fox trots into the woods to eat in peace. The vegetable garden is growing with branches attached to sticks and vegie cages to create vines, bright greens everywhere. The marigolds in the pots surround the garden to help keep many of the four legged friends who share the space out. The chipmunks, squirrels and bunnies don’t seem to like marigolds, nor do the deer. The flowers are gold and yellow and bright, with dead heads plucked to make room for new growth.

The raised patio is adorned with petunias, both larger ones and smaller ones in red, white, pink and purple. There are more flowers around the back as well as the front than in years past. Much of the greenery in the front has filled in with the exception of the newest tree, the Crepe Myrtle. The branches look like they are beginning to and there is two feet at least of new growth on the bottom of the tree already.

The most spectacular flowers in the garden are the lilies, especially the yellow and purple oriental day lilies. They come back prettier and deeper in color each year. Opening virtually overnight, these large flowers are bright and fun to look at, almost appearing like stars. They die off each year, then regroup and grow with very little intervention from anyone.

The grape vine is bigger and greener than other years, with many buds already! Hope the birds don’t eat all of the grapes, when they soften a bit, they are the sweetest around.

As I looked at all of this while perched on my steps, coffee in hand, I thought about the beautiful process of becoming. We generally focus on the blooming, the blossoming of the plant or flower, the end of the process. We don’t give enough thought or hold as beautiful, the actually process of becoming. If we focused more on the process, we would see the journey that a flower or plant needs to go on to transform into this beautiful outcome. The plant needs time to reflect, to bask in the sunshine and be fed water and food. The plant needs love, it will grow if it feels it is a safe place to grow, where no other flower will judge. Weeds need to be removed, constantly so they don’t take over the nutrient rich soil.

Each fall plants may wither, and then grow patient, knowing the process of re-birth will occur. They come back stronger and more beautiful each year. Some are prolific, finding spots in numerous areas of the garden, and they are hearty and happy. They have all followed the process of becoming without expectations of the outcome. They do not know they will be a breathtaking flower, they know that they are growing and getting stronger, they are transforming.

Perhaps if we focused more on the process of becoming and less on the expectations we set for ourselves and others, we would also be brighter and stronger. As we bloom and grow, we should focus more on the journey, on the process of becoming. By embracing every twist; just as the flowers embrace the unpredictable weather, or soil conditions, and not allowing the expectations and subsequent disappointment when others don’t meet those expectations get in the way, we bloom. The process of becoming is our journey; enjoying the journey without expectations that we will end up where we thought is frightening to most of us. We had a plan, why did it change. Perhaps instead of focusing on where we thought we would bloom and end up, we should enjoy the ride. We may end up someplace far better, sunnier, warmer, more loving then we ever imagined.

Just like my lilies, bloom. Embrace the process and allow yourself to become.


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