By the Light of the Moon

The moon’s energy moves oceans. The moon’s energy creates some havoc in animals, whether it be howling or strange antics. The moon’s energy swirls around us and can cause havoc with us humans as well. We don’t always realize that energy, but it is there. If you are sensitive to energy, then you have really felt this moon, especially with it’s reflective Mars energy as close as it has been the last two evenings.

A few days ago, before the moon was completely full, I noticed that my dog, Charlie, was again backing his way out of rooms, afraid to walk past some doors. I asked Alexa (because that has become a great way to feel as if I am talking to someone other than my animals!) when the next full moon was. Her answer made sense, it was in two days. Charlie is definitely susceptible to the energy of the moon, I have seen his antics amp up a little before and during a full moon. He is a little more scared of things, a little more jumpy, whiney and even more stuck to my side than normal (if that is at all possible!). Once I realized that some of this may be caused by the energy around him, I paid more attention to him so he would feel safer. I also had him outside a lot, his own grounding, so that his paws were on the earth and he was among nature. I figured if grounding could work for humans, it should work for a dog!

Of course the moon’s energy was apparent for me as well. I didn’t sleep well for 2 nights including the night of the full moon. I could feel my thoughts beginning to race a bit and get stuck in the “should haves” and “why didn’t I’s” and knew I needed to get out of that vicious cycle of rehashing the past. I never spend as much time anxious about the future anymore, I refuse to worry about things that haven’t happened yet. I do spend more time frustrated, angry and sad about the past, keeping me stuck sometimes. I knew I needed to break out of that and get grounded in the moment, be present and focus on the now.

I spend a lot of time in the moment today, and far less in the past. I work hard at letting things go so that I am not mired in what I wish I had done or worse yet, what I wish someone else would have done. I spend enough time in the past to understand the lesson that I needed to learn, the deeper truth of something so I can grow.

During the full moon I needed to let go of my self-doubt. I was spending a lot of time talking myself out of being able to do some things that I wanted to do. I was procrastinating on setting up a new group coaching program. I was procrastinating on creating my first 4 session meditation class where members would receive their own Primordial Sound Mantra. I was procrastinating on going through stuff, and I mean stuff, at my house to get rid of the excess. I was procrastinating on getting rid of stuff at my parents house. The last two are more emotional, as I have an unhealthy attachment to certain things and know I have to break that. The other more business related items, yep I was convincing myself I could not do it. My doubts took center stage for me. Why should anyone be coached by me? Why would anyone trust me to help them? What if I do this and I fail? What if it isn’t perfect? All those self-defeating thoughts entered my brain, many times without me even noticing (and I call myself conscious and aware of my thoughts!).

Using the full moon energy, I spent time meditating on self-doubt and ridding myself of it. I reminded myself of all I have done, both to heal and as a healer. At the same time, I had a few clients say some things to me that made me realize that I was good at what I do and they were grateful for the support I had given them. I then wrote down on paper about the self-doubt I needed to release and let go of and burned it in the fire pit under that full moon! Burning that and releasing that negative energy into the air is one of the most cathartic rituals I do, I feel lighter as soon as it is burnt. I also found that I needed to begin to get rid of things, and not feel that attachment. I spent my entire day on Saturday going through things that could go in the garbage, whether it be my normal pick up or the bulk pick up happening in a week. Some of the items I had to go through were from my former career and 21 years at my former company. I threw a lot of stuff away. Things I had brought home when I cleaned out my office 2 1/2 years ago that I seemed to think I would use again. I now know I will not. I am confident that I will not, so in the garbage it went. Far less attachment than I had a few years ago so much easier to toss. In fact when I was done, I had 2 big piles for bulk pick up and had filled 2 garbage cans to go out tonight. And that was only what was in my garage.

I felt lighter, grounded and energized by mounds of stuff ready to go to the curb. I felt as if I had released all doubts I have about me, my ability to detach and most of all that I am right where I am supposed to be in my life.

Use the intense energy to ground yourself in what you want and what you need to remove from your life to get there. Use the energy to remind yourself of all you have accomplished and be open to however you are supposed to move forward. Put your intention into the universe, do the work to allow yourself to receive and then see what the universe does to help guide you. This moon energy and my focus helped me to move from stuck to unstuck.

By the light of moon, allow yourself to let go and let be.

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