Choose Feelings over Logic

“Choose feelings over logic, adventure over perfection,

Here over there, now over then, and

Always love, love, love”



Her eyes filled with water, her lip quivered. I realized at that moment that she had more compassion and empathy than she had ever shown before.  She was allowing herself to feel for a moment and not focus on logic. It was refreshing; helped build more of a connection, and allowed me to feel as well.  It was a pivotal moment in a work relationship. It also reminded me that you cannot take emotion out of your work, you need that passion.

Most people at work though forget that you need heart. You need emotions. Choosing feelings over logic may not be natural for all. So many people try to hide how they are feeling, that feeling of vulnerability is frightening.  Too often people hold back their feelings and become robotic at work. They don’t believe that you can share your feelings. I disagree. I think you can feel your emotions and express them at work, albeit not as a hot mess every day! Bringing some heart into the work place allows people to care about each other and therefore they tend to work a bit harder, put out more effort.

 Focusing more on feelings than logic, could loosen a person up, becoming less rigid. Open them to more adventure.  To me, adventure is about not having expectations of how something is going to come out and just going with it.  It is letting go of fears and control and not expecting to be perfect. Perfection is hard. The let-down is hard.  Striving for perfection will always be a letdown.  The idea of just letting go and letting life take you where you are supposed to be is exhilarating! Of course, it may be a bit bumpy, but isn’t that all part of the adventure!

Adventure and letting go of expectations cannot happen if you aren’t present. You cannot allow your brain to wander.  Being in the moment and being here are important to be happy.  I listen to some of my friends and they are always planning the future or talking about being somewhere different than where we are, doing what we are doing. Here, in this place is all you have right now.

Being in the moment also means not planning the future or lamenting over the past but enjoying the moment.  Anxiety and fear, all driven by being either in the past or future.

Always love, love, love. Coming at issues and people with an open heart is something I have been practicing for quite a while now. I think this was my reminder that perhaps I have not spent enough time lately being deliberate about an open heart.

To truly experience and live life, you should choose feelings over logic; adventure over perfection; hear over there; now over then, and always love, love, love. Whether you apply this at work or personally, there is an openness that happens as realize how freeing this philosophy is. I, for one, want to practice living according to these loose principles more and expect less, wander out of the present less and never forget that it begins and ends with love.




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