Circle of Love….

“When we can accept someone where they are,

We can experience grace in all relationships.”

~Gabby Bernstein


I have been struggling with some feelings lately, focused on relationships that I am missing. Relationships that feel as if they changed a bit. Perhaps some unspoken words or expressions of feelings. Feelings of frustration that I am either not being heard or not being seen or I’m not being.

I have a fear that my feelings will not be accepted, they will be discounted. That has happened more than a few times in my life, where someone has completely discounted my feelings, told me I’m wrong to feel that way. I’m not sure how you can be wrong about how you feel.

I do believe I have been wrong about intentions or I have misinterpreted actions, the proverbial reading into something. But I don’t think my feelings can really be considered wrong. Anyone’s feelings not just mine.

So when I read this quote, I realized what I needed to do with these relationships that were changing or my perception was that they were changing. I needed to accept where those individuals were and just go with it. Accept them where they are.

To me this really meant I had to reframe as well. I had to realize that my reaction to whatever their behavior or action or non-action was an assumption. I was telling a story that wasn’t real. So I had to change the story.

As I started to let go of these feelings and accept people where they were, I began to feel lighter. It was easier to be with them, to talk with them, to laugh with them. And just as Gabby states here, I started to feel better with all relationships.

I felt lighter so the relationships around me felt lighter. Life began to flow, seemed easier. As I opened with grace and accepted all relationships, I started to receive more open loving relationships.  It is a beautiful cycle of giving and receiving; of putting out into the universe and getting back from the universe.

When we really think about our journey, it is ours and ours alone. We share it at times with others but the road to who we are is only walked by us. We all learn from each other, we all teach and inspire each other. We are the student and we are the teacher.

So when we accept people where they are, we have the opportunity to learn from where they came and help them move forward to where they should be. And they can guide us as well.

It is a beautiful cycle of giving and receiving. A true circle of love.


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