You know how all of a sudden you hear the beep of the smoke detector and you walk around the house to find the one that is beeping so you can change the battery before you go crazy? This beep was different and took a little time to figure out that it was the 14 year old thermostat on the second floor. No matter what button was hit it would not stop. The thermostat was done. That was the first electronic thing that went crazy after my dad died. Over the last 4 weeks I have also had my pool heater die, the fire pit need fixing, the two thermostats replaced and the air conditioner serviced, my phone went crazy for about 5 hours as did my Fitbit watch, a light switch acting up going from working well, to not and back to working well and of course, ¬†a cracked car windshield. That’s a lot of stuff in a month!

Coincidences? Maybe. Maybe not. It all depends on your frame of reference and your openness to¬†receiving messages from those who have passed away. Not everyone believes that this is your physical body and there is also a spirit and a soul that continues to thrive and connect. Not everyone believes there is life after death. Not everyone believes that the universe can guide you to your highest good if you are open to it and that our loved ones who leave us physically can become part of that guidance. Not everyone believes that things that happen are messages, they believe they are just a coincidence. And that’s okay, I do believe.

What is the message? I have no idea. It certainly could be just letting me know he is around. He could be telling me to sell my house. He could be ensuring that things that need fixing get done. He could be watching over me the way he always has.

And perhaps they are just coincidences. Throughout much of my life I have felt coincidences are more than they seem. Throughout much of my life I have felt something tug at me spiritually. Also throughout a big part of my life I chose to ignore it and didn’t believe God or the Universe was there for good but there to punish me. It took rock bottom in the throws of depression to finally understand that I punished me, not God. It took rock bottom in the throws of depression for me to begin to connect again to that spirituality and become more aligned and connected with my true self and not the self that was created by my ego, stories that I told myself, and stories that others created about me.

It is this connection that leads me to believe that dad is sending me messages. I now listen to the energy I feel and the sense, the knowing, that I have. Through electricity, energy, he is connecting with me. And in speaking with an intuitive healer today, it became more clear that he is around me but my grief is making it hard to really be open to him. I found that interesting as I was open when my mom died. She was with me the next morning. I felt her and feel her often. I wonder why I am less open now. Is it due to no longer having any parents? This grief is different.

As you know from reading my blog, I am someone who believes in and finds signs often. I feel them, I know fairly quickly when something is a sign for me. These different electronic mishaps are too many at once for me to not sense they are some type of communication or sign from dad. I love the idea that he may be looking out for me, that is what he always did. Suzy being safe was his number one concern. He didn’t like that I drove so many places alone, lived alone, traveled alone, he was always worried about my safety. Perhaps this is no different.

And perhaps it is just all a big coincidence.


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