Whew! What a week to decide to begin a 10 day detox! The election and the aftermath; the shell shocked nation; the protests; the fear; all intense and could easily cause you to reach for your comfort food. Or your comfort cocktail for that matter! And I decided to begin Dr. Mark Hyman’s 10 Day Detox Plan.  Silly Suzy!

Now, silly as it was, I haven’t yet reached for any comfort food. The entire idea is to rid your body of toxins; sugars especially, but any that your body, your biology could be addicted to. That was what intrigued me about this plan and why I purchased the book. I really believed I may be addicted to sugar. I found myself eating any carb I could find at night. That has always been the worst time for me.

I live in a typical center-hall colonial style home.  My bedroom and my sitting room within my bedroom is probably my favorite respite in my house. So heading to the kitchen to grab a snack was down the stairs, never stopped me. I may do that a few times a night. The craving was so strong; it pulled me downstairs to get something sweet. I tried often to make it partially healthy, such as chocolate covered almonds. Which I’m sure are not so bad compared to other snacks, but it is when you continue to pick until by day 2 you have finished an average size bag of them.

So, I knew that trying to kick that habit, per se, would help me feel better, sleep better and maybe jumpstart my metabolism. My “so slow it may as well stand still” metabolism needed a quick kick in the pants. My weight was just hovering within 3 pounds of itself, never really losing or gaining. But definitely was a cycle without me getting over that hump. The loop of weight for me is a constant source of frustration and self-doubt for me. It is a never ending battle that I fight daily. I do well during the week and lose a few pounds of water just to gain them back over the weekend because I may have some cocktails. I needed something to get me off sugar and I think I found it!

Right about now, according to Dr. Hyman, the emotions and feelings should be coming for me.  All of the emotions were to come to the surface like last year when I began to focus on eating clean at least 85% of the time. I didn’t always accomplish it but I overall, I cut the amount of processed foods tremendously. That led to emotions coming to the surface; I was touchy and weepy.  Everything bothered me, everyone disappointed me. I realized that it really had to do with comfort foods. The emotional purging occurred when physical purging occurred.

Over the last year I have probably moved more to 65% clean with a lot of fake healthy food, like Clif Bars, and other protein bars. So, it was time.

Now, I’m eating even less processed foods, I would actually say it may 100% clean.  All of those emotions that I expected haven’t happened.  I haven’t been weepy, angry. Well I have through the election coverage and Facebook posts but not the way it was last year when I went to 85% ! Last year I was emotional and my Genius Guru helped figure it out for us. I remember being weepy and not being able to connect that to the food being gone. She helped me connect that.

Embarking on this detox, I assumed through some breathing and meditation, as well as just emptying this vessel, that raw emotion would come bubbling to the surface.  So far, no emotional purging.

Could this be the beginning of let it be?  Releasing the energy and letting it just sit there. Am I already jumping into the reflect and re-energize fall that this change of weather fosters? Could this be me no longer harboring and holding onto emotions so there aren’t any to purge? Maybe I have grown that much, and maybe this detox was to remind me of that.

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