Does it Spark Joy

I was recently reading about the book, The Life Changing Method of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. It is referred to as the Japanese way of decluttering.…hold each item and ask if the item sparks joy. If it does,  keep it. If it does not, toss it. Seemed simple and I thought a bit far- fetched but what the heck, let’s give it a try.

The method speaks about tidying up by category not by room. Not something I have ever done but I tried it.  I was standing in my bedroom with a large garbage bag. What should I start with? I decided to start with books as I have a lot of them in many different places and no longer in a real semblance of order. 

I picked up a book that I have had on my night stand for probably 2 years, just sitting there, taking up space in case I wanted to read it one evening before I fell asleep. I held it for a moment and realized that I didn’t feel anything. I figured that meant it didn’t bring me joy so I tossed into the garbage.  I picked up a second book, on my nightstand and again felt nothing. Away that one went. Hey, perhaps they have something here. I picked up my journal, one of two I have on my nightstand. One is a gratitude journal, the second is the one I write in when I want to just journal. I picked up the blue leather (probably pleather) bound gratitude journal and knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I did feel something, not sure if it was joy or guilt! I couldn’t get rid of my gratitude journal,  that would be bad karma!

This continued a bit and I began to realize that I was feeling  less attached to some things. I decided that I would continue to do this and see what it does for me both in my home and in my life. I need less clutter. I need to detach.

I saw a friend’s comment on Facebook stating that “we should eliminate what doesn’t help us evolve and not to feel bad about it.” It reminded me of holding something to see if brings you joy and tossing it once it no longer does. Could all of this be the secret to letting go, to moving on and to realizing that you only need to keep the good in your life? The ugly, the bad teaches you lessons but then it is gone. Only keep what brings you joy.

The real secret to letting go is to focus on what brings us joy. I think we have something here.

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