The porch swing squeak disturbed the quiet night. The random car lights blinded me. My

thoughts interrupted by the sound of a garbage truck around the corner. What would a

garbage truck be doing out at this hour, I wondered, knowing I wouldn’t get an answer. I sat

quietly soaking up the day’s events, reliving the feelings and emotions that were revealed to

me. The power of a place, whether that be the Chimoya Sanctuary or Ghost Ranch, each

special and sacred in their own rite, inspires change.
Clarity came to me in the dark of night, another validation of the path I am on at this moment. I

was struck by the parallels I saw between Georgia O’Keefe’s personality and my own. Certainly

not artistically, my inability to draw is only outdone by my inability to carry a tune! No, the

parallels were in her heart, her need for independence and her use of her masculine energy.

As I stared at pictures of her I saw how hard she looked and rarely did she smile. Based upon all

I knew about her, she was rough and opinionated and a take charge woman. Roaming around

her ranch realizing that she was on this vast land very often alone, I could imagine her being a

courageous but perhaps a lonely woman. When I learned the stories about her generosity it

surprised me.
I have been working to change much of my energy from masculine to feminine. I have been the

take charge, strong woman, independent and not always open to help. In fact I rarely ask for

help, I just figure it out. I thought about Georgia and her climbing the ladder to the roof of her

home, well into her elder years. All to see and experience the vast land she called home for

much of her life. Gardening and growing her own food, and being alone in the middle of

nowhere. She also seemed a woman of substance and perhaps never asked for help.
I am beginning to learn how to sit back and receive, let things unfold. This is new to me and is

not coming easy. This day at Ghost Ranch really helped me to think about me differently. I saw

how lonely my life could be if I energetically continue to be dominated by masculinity.

I want to receive, I want to live much more from the heart and not be so tough. I don’t have to

control everything. That is difficult for me but I am working at it.

It is not necessary to always be in control, not allowing yourself to receive.

I don’t have to be Georgia.

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