Give the Gift of Energy…

We are right in the middle of gift buying season and it is getting hectic. It can be so difficult to think of new ideas for gift giving. I know in my family, we are starting to give more experiences and less stuff! Most of us don’t really need anything and would rather spend time together or give each other gifts of experiences, things to do for ourselves.

Maybe this is the year there is someone who needs to relax more. Perhaps someone on your list has been a little out of sorts and may relish in time to rest, time to release whatever is bothering them. Maybe this is the year you introduce someone to something they have never done before. Many of us have had and know the benefits of massage. Perhaps this year we introduce our loved ones to the ancient healing art of Reiki.

Reiki has been around since the early 1900s, created by a Buddhist from Japan named Mikao Usui. He used reiki practices to help with everything from improving your immune system to helping with emotional and mental issues. There are several ways that this type of alternative healing practice can help your mind or body. The energy from this type of therapy can balance your emotions so that you don’t feel anxious or depressed. If your muscles and tendons feel tense, then you will have problems sleeping. However, with Reiki healing therapies, you can release your tension, making it easier to sleep throughout the night without waking up several times.

Reiki, or Universal Life Force Energy, could be a great gift or stocking stuffer this season! For a limited time, I am offering 30 minute Reiki sessions for $20.00, a 50% discount! Please contact me through this site and I will send you a gift certificate that you can share with your loved one!

Give the gift of energy!!

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