My Own Best Friend…

I have finally become my own best friend. I now trust myself, my instincts, I listen to myself more. This became very clear to me over the last few weeks, maybe months. But it crystalized with a conversation with Gina, my happiness guide, my life coach, my soul sister, my friend. She re-frames things so well and helps me get to the root of issues. She really helps me gain clarity around my emotions.

I have good instincts, a good gut. I have made a joke out of not having that instinct when it comes to husbands. That really isn’t accurate. I had signs and feelings, but I ignored them due to the words that were said to me. Actions and words didn’t always line up but I would rationalize and not listen to my instincts. I didn’t pay attention to the feelings I had.

I felt negative energy during my last few months with Jon, a lot of signs that he explained away. I listened because I wanted to. Because he made me believe that my instincts were wrong. His words caused me to lose confidence in myself, to not trust myself.

When my marriage blew up, I began to realize that all of those feelings were accurate. His words said one thing but his actions and energy said something else. I knew I needed to trust those feelings.

Trusting my feelings, my read of energy has not come easily. I still question myself at times, however I trust myself more. When I do feel something is out of alignment, I address it.

Recently, a friend was saying one thing but some actions were feeling different. It was triggering a lot of emotion for me. I decided I needed my friend to know that these triggers were occurring and I was questioning myself and them. Once I shared that actions and words have a history of triggering a lot of emotion for me, and I’m beginning to feel that way, it was obvious that was never the intent. We had a great dialogue and shared a lot. That was an authentic exchange that helped us each grow individually and as friends. It was beautiful and really helped me see how important that alignment is to me. And how I now trust me to feel in and out of alignment and address.

By trusting myself, I give all the power of any situation back to me. How wonderful is that! I am not dependent on anyone else for my reaction, or process, or progress, my decisions are mine. And I trust me.

I am my own best friend, I am comfortable in my skin.


  1. Melissa on January 24, 2016 at 7:58 am

    Very touching and eloquent!

    • Suzy on January 24, 2016 at 12:45 pm

      Thank you!! Miss you!

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