Nature’s Medicine

The sun glistened as the rays hit the golden leaves of the Aspens and Birch trees. The air was cool but not cold. As we ascended the mountain and climbed through the rocks, the air went from cool to cold to warm again. The breeze was just enough to cool you down when you were heated from hiking. Seven miles of traversing rocks, roots, narrow paths and beautiful scenery was just what the doctor ordered! (even if the doc was in a book!)

As we meandered through the preserve I realized I was doing one of the three things that Doctor Deepak Chopra recommended as a way to apply one of the Spiritual Laws of Success in your life. I just began to read this book, which he wrote in 1994, applying the laws of all creation to your life will lead to success in all aspects, not just financial. I decided I would read a law per day and see how it felt for me, what occurred when I thought more about it for a day and then see how these fit into my life, if they do.

The first Spiritual Law of Success is the Law of Pure Potentiality. This law is based on the fact that we are, in our essential state, pure consciousness. When we are completely conscious and aware, we vibrate at a high level of energy and are open to all possibilities and opportunities. We have infinite possibilities and creativity at our disposal. Consciousness also embodies knowledge, silence or meditation, balance, simplicity,  and bliss. This is who we are at our most essential or authentic self. We are pure awareness and therefore have pure potentiality. Everything is possible.

It’s a lot to grasp, I have whittled down his first chapter to a paragraph of what I believe is the essence, someone else could perhaps whittle it down to some other aspects of what they believe is the essence. I try to think of it from the perspective of raising energy to a level where the world of duality doesn’t exist, there are more ways at looking at things than just 2. By doing this we remove judgement and become observers.

To apply this law into your life, Deepak describes three things that you can do daily to allow this law to work with you, and you and your life become pure potentiality. The first way is to sit in silence or meditate. Meditation, when your mind settles or quiets down, allows you to hear divine guidance, to see other possibilities, to feel new ways to look at things. It also reduces stress which allows you to then think of things more creatively, no longer only responding in just fight or flight mode. My meditation practice has improved and increased over the last few months and this day was no exception. I meditated for 20 minutes and felt alive, calm and peaceful. I also had creative ideas floating around in my head and heart that I am beginning to focus on for the future.

The second way he suggests applying Pure Potentiality into your life is through communing with Nature. Again, nature vibrates at the highest energy level. By communing in nature daily, you silently witness the intelligence in every living thing. Nature uses these laws to create, to recreate, to change. Taking a 7 mile hike in a preserve was a great way to commune in nature. During this hike I felt alive, every cell in my being felt alive. I felt calm and peaceful. I felt connected to the earth, and felt a part of something bigger than me. Perhaps a hike each day isn’t practical but finding a way to witness nature, to be in it’s presence and commune with it is an important part of living. Today, with the rain, perhaps sitting by an open window to just listen to the rain in silence will be a way to commune in nature. If it stops raining, taking a walk, watching the sun set, etc will all be ways to commune with the world. Each day we should do something to commune with the highest intelligence there is around us.

The last way he suggests to apply this law is through practicing non-judgement. This is where we move from a world of duality to a world of infinite possibilities. A great example of practicing this happened yesterday as we were hiking. We met a number of people along the trail, most were very friendly. There was one person who didn’t say good morning or hello. She didn’t seem happy or at the very least wasn’t in a mood to be friendly. It appeared she was hiking alone and had sandals on instead of hiking boots or sneakers. The amount of rock that was along this trail made me think that sandals could cause injury. ¬†Instead of pointing out and judging her choice of shoes, or the look on her face, I focused on observing not judging. So my thought was, “I wonder how she hikes these trails in sandals?” Two years ago, I would have judged her completely. I would have thought about the look on her face and judged her for not being friendly or I would have judged the choice of shoes. Instead, I observed and then let it go. Judgement, or non-judging is integral in moving your energy up and vibrating at a higher level. It also seems to be much harder than it sounds, it takes practice and awareness.

By nightfall I thought about all of this and was thrilled that I had practiced applying this law for the day. I felt peace and open to all that I desire. On to the second law – The Law of Giving!


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