On this Blood Moon


blood moon

On this blood moon, we should all stay focused on our blessings, our goals and our intentions. Allow this energy to enter our bodies, and allow ourselves to be grateful.

Blessings are a beautiful thing. They are a way to stay focused on all that is good in our lives. They are the fabric of our gratitude. As part of my process for erasing negative self- talk from my life, I now write down my blessings each night.  My blessings run the gamut from my Lucy and Ricky to a friend, to the roof over my head, to my health, having my parents at 90 years of age and my family.  These all remind me of just how wonderful life really is no matter the stress I feel. This along with my affirmations in the morning and the occasional affirmation during the day are all helping me focus on the positive. I have many on my phone that I can look at any time. I am working at no longer saying “what is wrong with me.”

Goals are important and we should all have them. Creating my map for the year was an incredible experience and I love working toward my goals.  I have been very focused on letting go of past patterns. I just spoke of one past pattern that I am walking away from. I am working at turning around a judgement and make it more of a goal. This changes everything. I stop judging myself which means I will no longer sub consciously judge others. At the same time, I will move toward fulfilling these goals and feeling great about myself…then I won’t think about what is wrong with me at all!

I see change coming. I am open to the change. I allow love, I allow self -love. I am blessed.



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