One Glorious Life…

“What will you do with this one Glorious life?” That line was on a tag that came off of a new pair of pajamas. And that was what this week was all about, taking the leap of faith to create a more glorious life.
I have worked for corporations for over thirty years, 21 of them at Prudential. This is a great company that gave me incredible opportunities to develop and grow, to travel to new places domestically and abroad and where I developed close relationships that will last a lifetime. While we sat in the hospital for five days with mom, I spoke at length with my brother about how I was feeling. This role of human resources executive was no longer fulfilling for me. Fulfilling had gained importance over level of success, or money. I had attained those, and still didn’t feel that I was truly living authentically or having my soul filled.
As a friend of mine said once, how many more vision statements and strategies can you do? How many more HR plans can you really create? So very true. This had gotten stale, old, no longer stimulating me or my growth. My favorite part of my work was leading my team and watching them individually and collectively become better.
That development, watching people grow, is what does feed me. So, I did it. I walked away from a career in corporate as a human resources executive. I took a leap of faith and am creating my life. I am excited about the prospects and the days ahead of me. With my dad ill, I really didn’t seem to take the time to really focus on work ending. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t at all thinking about it, other than cleaning out my office. Even now I’m not sure it has fully hit me. And the end was extremely anti-climactic given the work I was doing. I was finishing reviews, giving people feedback and finishing compensation recommendations for the team. At least as I gave people feedback I felt as if I was helping them develop.
I have found there are life lessons that these thirty years have taught me that I know will be embedded in this new phase for me. I gave these a lot of thought as I was leaving the firm and shared the following with a group last week.
• Take risks, make the decision. Indecision is the enemy of progress and learning. We aren’t brain surgeons (most of us anyway!), nothing that we do is fatal if wrong. Change that mindset from failure to learning and you will feel less of a burden when it comes to decisions.
• Egos should not get in the way of work. Have a shared purpose and move toward it together, not in fear but excitement.
• Speak your truth and show your passion, let others show theirs. Don’t stifle either.
• Always do the right thing, don’t shortcut and don’t compromise your values.
• Feedback is a gift, treat it that way, when you give it or when you receive.
• Lighten up, this isn’t that serious, have some fun in life.
As I move into the unknown and take the leap of faith to create a more glorious life, these lessons will guide me. I have spent over 30 years using my brain and intellect along with some heart. I am now moving into a world where my heart and intuition, along with divine guidance will be my beacons and my lighthouses in the storms. I am excited that I am beginning to move into a more authentic way of life. I am scared of the unknown but know that I have the support of the people around me and my own faith in me. That faith allows me to move into a new chapter, with confidence, with sass and with humor.
What will YOU do with this one Glorious life?


  1. Lorraine on January 22, 2018 at 1:18 am

    I love your spirit and your words make me think about my life… Your journey will be exciting and scary, I’m sure all at once but I do feel you will be happier than you’ve ever been. The fact that you’re following your dreams is inspirational in itself …
    Enjoy … you deserve every happiness out there for you!
    It’ll be a refreshing change after all those years in corporate life .

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