One with Nature

I am so bummed. I thought I would be writing an amazing blog about this weekend. I was hoping I would be telling you how I broke through trust issues and finally trusted someone to have my back. I thought I would be sharing with you how great it felt to not be in control, to let someone I trusted take control! I knew he would have my back.  I was excited to be sharing a piece of my friend’s world, something I hadn’t done yet. And I was doing all of this with one of my best girlfriend’s and a niece who I adore! But the weather got the best of us and we didn’t jump out of an airplane. That will be rescheduled.

Skydiving signified something very spiritual for me. It is my way of really trusting someone to have my back, to be there for me. I am very used to being alone and dealing with whatever I need to deal with. This was forcing me to allow someone else to have control and protect me. It felt safe to know it was someone who I already know and trust implicitly. I know he would not let me down. That feels like half of my battle. Free falling at 120 miles per hour for 45 to 60 seconds will be the other half of the battle!

We got the text at about 10:30 that Friday evening. Bummed! We were all disappointed. I had just finished packing my back pack!

So I started Saturday with a great workout at the gym and then errands. My evening was filled with Asbury Park bars and eateries with my BFF for 40 years!

Today I got to go kayaking in Kettle Creek near Toms River. It was amazing and reminded me how much I would love to live near the water. I want a kayak. I might even want a boat. I love the water. It is the most smoothing place I know.

Today, the day began with fairly still water. We were color coordinated, green vest with green kayak for me, as you know you always have to look good! We began to paddle down the creek. Eventually we found ourselves in a quiet area, with egrets in trees and families of swans. The water was glass like and we paddled, floated, talked and were silent. It was the most smoothing morning I had in a while. The sun was warm on your face and arms, the breeze kept you from really perspiring, although my neck was wet . My shoulders burned a bit at times, and I could feel my abs constricted and tight. I was getting a workout and enjoying it immensely. My body and my mind were connected. I was one with nature. An incredible feeling. As we were heading back the wakes were getting larger and the water a bit rougher. The workout was more intense but still felt terrific. I liked how my body felt, and I liked my frame of mind. It was all positive, focused, and light.

As I think about the weekend it was really a wonderful mix for my soul. Time with my BFF, which is always incredibly loving and caring. We hung in a town that is rebuilding and becoming more beautiful. Then today and kayaking. With one of my best friends again and on the water, with the breeze blowing through my hair, salt on my lips. A perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

I am still bummed that I didn’t get to jump out of an airplane this weekend, but I know it will happen in the next few weeks! I am so excited about it! I feel the energy and know that this is life changing for me.

Trust. Control. One with nature.


  1. littlemac40 on July 20, 2015 at 2:24 am

    Sorry you didn’t get to jump, but love this post 🙂

    Mary Anne


  2. Karen Koch on July 20, 2015 at 4:37 am

    Love it! Were you with Sween? Ahhhh… Control, you say? Letting go of control. Perhaps this message is most interesting: you can’t control Mother Nature! She decided your trip was to be postponed; you rose to the occasion and, therefore, took control to make other plans for the weekend. Sounds like it was different from what you anticipated but wonderful nonetheless. And skydiving still awaits!

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