Open Heart Again….

“Open hearts. Christmas is about opening our hearts to love, to love the way another needs it today, not the way you need to love. This is about caring more about someone else then yourself. It isn’t about who bought the nicest thing, the most expensive thing or the most meaningful thing. It is about loving someone without expecting anything. It is about loving someone where they are and not where you are. It is about unconditional love, loving someone fully with no expectation of what you will get back. You will always get back.”

I wrote this in December of 2016. It still seems appropriate today. An Open Heart. Are we approaching each day, each situation, each person with an open heart and no judgment? Or are we judging, focused on what we need, want, etc? I know I do a bit of both. I have an open heart for some and a closed or angry heart for others, both people and situations. I feel compassion for some and feel left out or ignored by others. I really do get that everyone has their stuff, and it isn’t all about me. However, in some cases peoples words and actions are so at odds with each other I have to just look at actions. You can’t tell me you care about me but never call, never respond to a text and not seem at all interested in what is happening in my life. I have a few people in my life who rarely, if ever, ask me about me, about my business, about what is exciting me today. Those individuals just want to talk about what’s happening in their life, what’s happening in their job, etc. It is interesting when you stop talking how people really aren’t interested in your life, they just want you to listen to them. And I have stopped talking a lot of the time, partially because I don’t feel the need to share much, partially because there are only a few I can really go deep with on life and where I am, and partially because most people don’t really seem to care.

So has my heart been open all year? Not enough. As you know I was hurt a lot this year, especially by one relationship, which threw me for a loop. It triggered some of that negative self talk and some of that bullshit about not being good enough or worthy. I had to fight that a lot of the year. That fighting meant “close the heart.” Opening my heart allows me to be hurt again, I feel like I’ve been hurt enough.

But it was open when it came to my business, my learning and my clients. I developed new relationships aligned with my mindset that are wonderful. Building relationships with my clients that have allowed for growth, authenticity and true caring. I continue to be amazed by the people who have entered my life.My heart was wide open to receive the love I got from these new relationships.

My heart was open with much of my family. We hurt together, we healed together. We loved each other and helped each other through all of the firsts we had to face.  We grew as individuals and we grew as a group, relying more on each other, being more patient and loving with each other. It was a year of growth similar to 2017. This quote below was one I found at the end of 2017, it seems appropriate for 2018 as well!

When you look back on 2017, don’t think of it as a year of pain

But a year of growth. You made it through each day. You should be

Proud of yourself. You are a better you, despite all the hardships.Take a deep breath and enter 2018 with hope and confidence.

Let’s start to reflect on 2018, think about what we want in 2019 and begin to manifest that life. It is my time to reflect and begin to create my vision for 2019.

Continue to live with the open heart and enjoy your Christmas or Holiday. An open heart is what allows us peace and love.




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