Plant the Seeds…

The sun is beginning to warm, higher in the sky. The days are lengthening. The birds are singing their songs more readily. Spring is in the air, newness is beginning to take hold. This is the time to plant seeds and germinate to grow flowers, vegetables and plants through the summer and fall. It is also the perfect time to plant the seeds of your ideas, of your intentions and create those inspired actions to reap the reward of your work.

Many of us create goals, resolutions or intentions in the beginning of the year. So often, by the time spring has sprung we have walked away from those or forgotten them. Our time stolen by our daily to-do lists, our focus on the past or future and our inability to move past whatever may block us. By the time the sun is warming, our ideas have become obsolete or stale. We realize we haven’t really made much progress. Or things have gotten in our way of the progress and we may look at those as obstacles to completing what we thought we would.

Maybe they aren’t obstacles, maybe they are signs to shift our intentions, take a path that we hadn’t thought of before, move us toward a place that is better than we thought. Maybe it is the universe guiding us toward our something that is better than what we thought. So often we spend so much time trying to make what we thought was best work, that we don’t see there are other ways to get to the pinnacle of our intentions.

As the weather begins to get nicer and we think about our gardens, it is also a great time to re-assess the seeds of intentions that we planted at the beginning of the year. What have we learned so far? What is different than we thought? What paths are opening for us that we never expected? Focusing not on how the intentions are created, but more about all the things we are doing, shifting and allowing so that we create our outcomes with the universe. So often we are so stuck in our own ideas that we don’t see that there are better outcomes waiting for us.

Planting seeds is about focusing on what we want in the end, not on how we get there or what there is really about. As an example, one of my intentions at the beginning of this year (or seed I planted) was to soar to my best health. This intention helped me to align my exercise better, my food better and my mindset. So far for the year I have lost almost 14 pounds and feel really good. It isn’t about weight though and that is what I realized as I reassessed this seed. Best health is about how I feel, in my body and in my mind. Best health requires me to not only pay attention to how I move and how I eat, but also how I think, how I react and now I am seeing, about how I take care of my body. I am actually making a number of doctor appointments to care for myself from a preventative standpoint that I hadn’t done in the past. I am realizing that it is less about weight and more about how I feel to carry my body, what things work better than others. What do I need to ensure I do to keep my body functioning well as I move into the next decade of my life.

So as I reassess my seeds that I am planting and the environment I am creating for them, I am thinking more broadly about this intention. I am making appointments to have baseline tests done so I can care for this vessel better. I am moving from just eating better to looking at the food that makes up my diet and how I want to remove some things, add some things and create a more balanced focus. I am reviewing what I do for exercise and what I want to change. All of this has been guided by the universe. I find that messages pop up over and over around health. I find that as I talk to people I learn new things they may be doing that sound interesting and I want to try. By focusing on the intention of soaring to my best health, I am allowing my mindset to change, my habits to change and my focus to be less about number of pounds and more about how I feel in totality.

Planting new seeds to enable me to feel even better is part of the journey. My body is giving me signs of what it likes and the universe continues to guide me with the people and ideas it places in my life. Recently I learned of an app that helps you manage your balance of carbs, fats and proteins. That app is helping me reassess what I am eating and how I was eating. A new idea for me that is helping me reassess my food, without ever feeling “I can’t eat that.” “I’m not allowed.” No such thing, everything is allowed.

As the weather begins to improve and the hours of daylight elongate, take some time to reassess the seeds you have planted. Are you blocking their growth or are you allowing their growth? Are you trying to control too much or are you allowing for flexibility and guidance?

Plant those seeds, water them and give them sunshine. Let the universe guide you and watch yourself grow this year.


  1. Karen Koch on March 14, 2021 at 6:58 pm

    Beautiful, Suzy!! xo Karen

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