Raise Consciousness…

“Your level of consciousness creates your perceptions and that creates and recreates the world you know.” ~ Unknown


How often have we heard “self-fulfilling prophecy?” How often do we see that manifest for us or someone else? Think back to moments in your life when you were focused on the outcome of something and told yourself you couldn’t do it, and therefore you didn’t. Or you had no faith in someone coming through for you so they did not, which then allowed you to say “see nobody comes through for me, I have to do everything myself.” That thought then becomes the world we know and it has been created by a perception that nobody comes through for us, we can only rely on one person, self.

A great example in my life has been around weight loss and the fact that I have convinced myself “I will never get to the healthy weight I want to be at.” Because I have sat at a very low level of consciousness about this, I continue to cycle. I decide that I will eat differently, and buy all the right food. I start out strong and lose weight in week one and perhaps even week two. Then there is a moment of weakness, a moment when I perceive lack, perhaps it is an emotional moment. Someone who I wanted there for me isn’t there, I feel I am lacking connection or love and I eat something that wasn’t part of my plan, mindlessly eat something. I allow the emotions to hold me back, I allow the belief of myself that I am unable to do this to hold me back. I become a victim of my own thoughts, of my own belief that I cannot change and therefore I cannot win. And I lose, not the weight but the battle of mind and consciousness.

Imagine for a moment if I was more aware and more conscious around this issue of battling the bulge. Imagine if I saw it more from the opportunity standpoint. If I remove the judgement I placed on myself and instead moved into a place of contentment and harmony. I believe I can, I am willing to receive help and am compassionate with me. By changing my thoughts and perceptions around my ability, I could create a world where even if I eat something I know isn’t healthy or great for weightloss I wouldn’t judge me. I would chalk it up to wanting it and move on. Not getting stuck on being a victim of my choices or of society or of my past, I could let it go and move on, losing weight in the process.

Deepak Chopra speaks about hunger in all things and that we need to change the mantra in our heads. Our mind is connected to our body. We need to focus on a few things to help our body be in sync with our mind, mine is not. Mindless eating or mindless anything means we are not aware and not at a high level of consciousness. He speaks to a few things we should do to help restore ourselves to our natural rhythm.

  1. Allow ourselves the natural rhythm of waking and sleeping. Too often we do not sleep enough and that in turn adds stress to our system and does not allow us to restore the way we need.
  2. Reduce chronic stress. This may be the hardest for many as there are so many things that could contribute. I have noticed that not being in the corporate world has reduced much of my chronic stress, worry about my job, my performance and my team. It is freeing and as I continue to decompress I realize that was a very big source of chronic stress. For many it may be family, finances, and other stressors. We need to find ways to reduce the stress and be more in the moment, more present.
  3. Have a daily routine that we follow as much as possible, this restores balance in our lives. The simple addition of meditating twice a day has created a routine that I love and I feel more in balance.

As we do all of this we need to raise our consciousness, not fall into the mindless or unconscious cycle that we each have. Mine is definitely mindless reaction to food, and at times just a rote behavior on how I will react to something or someone who upsets me. These are some of the areas that as I awaken, I realize I want to change.

I have repeated a pattern for quite some time now and am working on changing that pattern. That change comes with changing thoughts and perceptions so that as I recreate my world, it is different, it is not falling into the same patterns. As I realize that I am sliding into the mindless or unconscious state, the mantra I am beginning to use is “I am find as I am right now.” This allows me to stop finding fault, to stop judging me and allowing me to move forward.

Raise the level of consciousness and the perceptions change. As the perceptions change, the world I know will change. The cycle of self-deprecation and negative self- image will become a cycle of love, gratitude and joy.

Be Awake and Conscious in this life, Namaste





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