Soar into 2021…

Phew! 2020 is over. This was such a tough year in so many ways. For many, such as me and my family, we lost the last parent of the greatest generation. Of course for the US, we lost over 330,000 lives due to a global health pandemic. We saw the divisiveness of our country in many ways from how to fight the pandemic and caring or not caring for our fellow neighbor to racial inequality and social justice to politics. It was year where friendships and family relationships may have been tried, some perhaps irreparably damaged. And we watched similar things around the world. There were moments when it felt as if the world was coming to an end.

We also saw beautiful things come out of it from the college kids who teamed up with farmers to get food that was going to waste to families that were dealing with food insecurity. We saw nurses, doctors, first responders, grocery workers, delivery drivers etc go above and beyond in their jobs to keep us all going and keep us all safe. We found inspiration in each other, helping and guiding, offering tidbits of ways to stay calm. We saw teachers re-imagine the classroom to virtually teach and we saw companies realize that they can keep moving and productive with employees working from home. We had glimmers of light where restaurants figured out ways to accommodate people and keep their employees working and we saw families figure out that time together was so important and was largely missing before this year.

With every year and with every issue there are highlights of love that stand next to those dark moments. The more we hang onto those highlights of love, the better we can see into those dark moments and learn from them. Many of us saw our plans for the year change. Trips cancelled, weddings postponed or made much smaller and a lot of events, including memorial services, done over zoom. Those vision boards that were done in the beginning of the year were completely blown up for many! At least the ideas of things to do may have changed, hopefully the intentions and energy behind them did not.

What didn’t change is the need for each of us to grow and evolve. As I looked back at my 2020 vision board, I certainly did not do some of what I had hoped in terms of the adventures I had hoped to have. I did, however, make some inroads into my intentions around other ways my life and I was going to shine. I did grow in many ways and learned so much about myself. I learned that alone and lonely are two different energies and I am more comfortable with being alone than ever. I did let go of the need to explain myself, I can say no without the big explanation and not feel bad. I got better at asking for help, of course I had no choice since I started the year with the broken wrist. I became a certified meditation teacher and through my weekly meditations began to share this transformational tool with others. And I forgave. I forgave myself for some of my past behaviors, past decisions and places where I kept myself stuck and small. I forgave others who I felt treated me poorly and allowed those relationships to become whatever they need to be without forcing them.

As I have shared in the past, I have created intentions and broad visions for myself using a word each year. The word is not just a word to be said and that’s it. I use it to focus my intentions and my energy so I create a better Suzy, a better environment and a better life, a more conscious higher frequency life. In 2018, my word was evolution. It was such a pivotal year for me to evolve. I needed to evolve from corporate America to solo-preneurship. I evolved into more of a caretaker for my dad. I evolved from stress based and fear based emotions to reduced stress, freedom and love. For 2019, my word was believe. Now I needed to believe in myself. I could do this. I could become a good business woman who was here to help and service. I became a certified coach and intuitive healer, along with a Reiki practitioner. I had to believe in myself to do all of that and I had to help others believe in themselves. 2020 was my year to shine. I was focused on shining from the inside out, becoming healthier; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I was focused on shining my light as a beacon of light and love through darkness (what a year to be able to do that!).

As I contemplated 2021, the word soar came to me in a meditation in mid-December. I shared that on a call with other healers and someone told me to go listen to Christina Aguilera’s song Soar. Wow, those lyrics hit home perfectly. It is about trusting yourself, loving yourself and spreading those wings and soar. That is what this year will be for me. Trusting myself and the universe to guide me to where I am supposed to be. Loving myself as that is the most important relationship there is. Taking chances to learn something new and do new things without a need to know the end result, the learning and the journey is what is important. Taking my health; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to another level and focus more on well-being, and helping others to do the same. This is what Soar means to me as I begin to create my intentions for the year.

Dig deep, learn, understand, evolve and soar. I hope you all take some solace in her lyrics “don’t be scared to fly alone, find a path that is your own. Love will open every door, it’s in your hands.”

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