Spring Equinox

Renew. Rebirth. The spring equinox is all about this. We planted seeds during the long winter. We reassessed what we want to grow and now comes our birth of our ideas, our changes, our renewed focus. This is the perfect time to look at what we set out to do in the beginning of the year and understand where we are in our manifestation.

Whether you create resolutions, objectives, goals or intentions, now is the time to look at them and say, “what have I done? what haven’t I done? are these goals still relevant? what new information have I received that may change my path?” If we truly are working to co-create our lives with the universe then continually assessing what messages we are receiving, what guidance we may receive and what changes are happening are a natural part of the process. This is also the hardest part of the process because as human beings in this world we are convinced that we must control everything; the actions, the timeline, the outcome. And for many, the control is what we focus on. The outcome is what we want, therefore we must make it happen in the way we planned.

However, the universe may have a better plan for us and by being so focused on what we think is best, we may miss the opportunity to create what is even better for us. Being open to change is so very hard for many of us. We tend to think we know it all, we know what we want and therefore we go after it with a vengeance. What you begin to learn as you focus on co-creating is that you may not know everything and the opportunity to be open to the stream of well-being is actually freeing.

I have many friends who are very control oriented, thinking they must have a goal (the sentence I hear often is “I am goal-oriented.”) and they and only they know exactly how to reach that goal. I am not judging this, that is where they are. What I have learned through my spiritual journey is that giving up that control and allowing the universe (or God) steer you gives you more options and more opportunities to meet more of your potential. I always had a plan that I would retire from corporate America at the age of 60. That was built into my financial plan. I made a decision 3 years ago to retire sooner. At first I thought I was crazy, what will that mean when I am older, will I live in poverty? Will I need to live with someone from my family? Will I need to completely change my lifestyle in order to do this? Instead of allowing that fear to bog me down and keep me in a place that no longer filled my soul, I jumped into unknown waters. I took a leap of faith that the universe would guide me and that I would be fine. And in the end, lifestyles change no matter what. I don’t need all that I thought I needed. Now, I love that I changed that goal and that plan. I no longer allow fear to hold me back. I don’t view life from a place of lack, of being afraid of running out of money. I view life from a place of excitement and opportunity.

My focus today is on creating intentions that align with who I am and who I want to be. I’m no longer focused on “I have always been this way and cannot change.” My intentions are clear, I see where I want to go. The path to get there and where there may really end up, that can change based upon the guidance I get and the doors that open. I shared last week about my intention to soar to greater heights in my health, focused on physical, emotional and mental growth. How I do it is unfolding as we move through the year; whether that be deepening my pilates practice and how I fuel my body, what I am focused on from an emotional standpoint in terms of how I want to be more conscious and kind in my responses and how I grow and learn mentally/intellectually. This intention is clear and my actions and outcomes are happening as I am in my state of flow.

Another intention of mine for this year whose seeds have been planted has been to soar in my relationships, especially in attracting my most meaningful impactful love. Again, I do not have a defined goal as to what that looks like, or a full plan to do so. I am taking inspired actions to get there though. I am ensuring that I love myself and radiate that love. I am letting go of expectations of some relationships to make room for this one. I am working to be a better friend, family member and all around better person to attract the love that is right for me. I am beginning to put myself out into the universe as someone who wants to attract that love. I am even figuring out that moving where I live may be more aligned than I thought. This house was mine with my ex-husband, it is not in a neighborhood that has a lot of people milling about and in reality isn’t where I want to be longer term. I have enjoyed almost 16 years in this home and love it, but it is no longer aligned with where I want to be. Some days I don’t even feel as if I can breathe well here, I need different space, indoor and outdoor. I didn’t start the year focused on whether I wanted to move, but it is becoming clearer to me that I would feel better in new space. This is not something that must happen, if it is meant to happen then it will.

I know for this to come together, I need to allow the universe to guide me through. I am open to opportunities to look at houses where I want to go, and I am open to new activities that may allow me to meet new people. And as I shared, I am working on me being a better, kinder version of me.

This is my next level of rebirth, of renew. A kinder, gentler, wiser Suzy filled with love and generosity to share. A version that attracts love not repels it, one that is in love with life, not fearful of the next change. I have been on this path for a while and really like this version of me, which I know will only get better.

This is my spring equinox. What is yours?

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