The Circle of Giving and Receiving…

The sun’s rays were glistening across the colorful trees and bouncing upon the rolling hills. The crisp air perfect for an afternoon football game. The cars rolled into the player’s family lot and the tailgates began to set up. We had seven cars, tables, outdoor oven, grills, chairs and a lot of spirit! The mimosa’s flowed, the breakfast casserole and bagels were the breakfast course as we prepared to go into the game. This was a beautiful picture, of love, family, friendship and giving.

The perfect place and people for me to be mindful of and practice the second Spiritual Law of Success, the Law of Giving. As I read about this law, it really could be the Law of Giving and Receiving as the universe operates in dynamic exchange. Nothing is in isolation and nothing is static. The flow of life, as the book states. is nothing  other than the harmonious interaction of all the elements and forces that structure the field of existence. In other words, nothing is in isolation and everything interacts with everything else. If you give and are open to receive nothing is stagnant, it continues to circulate through you life. With this law, by giving and receiving you continue to keep abundance circulating through you life. This abundance is in joy, happiness, health, wealth, etc.

The group together to watch college football was both giving and receiving. Certainly with a tailgate of 20 or so people, everyone brings food and/or drink for all. That  is  as simple as giving and receiving can get. There is also giving and receiving of love. Giving and receiving of friendship. Giving and receiving of compliments, support, laughter and joy. There was giving and receiving of money, as we had a pool and half the winnings went to the freshman tight end we were all cheering on and the other half to the winner of the pool!

The book speaks about the best way to put this law into practice is to consciously intend that you give something to everyone you meet. It can be a compliment, a gift, or a prayer. The intention must be to create happiness for both the giver and receiver. Giving should never be for the purpose of getting. It should be unconditional and from the heart. How many of us know someone who gives because they want to get?  Or they rarely give, they only want to receive? Hmmm both of those sentences sound like my ex-husband. He didn’t know how to give unconditionally, everything had a condition upon it, giving back to him what he wanted. And since his intention was not to bring happiness to the receiver but to get what he wanted, he doesn’t seem to  live in a world of abundance. I’m not talking just wealth, but in overall life. He lives somewhat on the run from legal issues in New Jersey, he doesn’t interact with his family. He lives somewhat in isolation.  He will always be running or chasing something to make him happy, not understanding that 1) happiness is an inside job and 2) giving and receiving are part of what makes you happy.

Yesterday I witnessed a lot of giving and receiving. I saw giving and receiving of food, drink, recipes, and ideas. I saw giving and receiving of compliments, and loving comments. I saw giving and receiving of support and joy. And I witnessed an abundance of love from a family that I cherish and am at times envious. They all support and love each other, they all are there for each other and give of themselves very unselfishly.

It was a beautiful day of witnessing this law of success. The circle of giving and receiving, the energetic flow of abundance. Today, practice the law of giving by giving something to everyone you meet. Also practice by receiving what is given, do not poo-poo it or become self-deprecating, embrace what is given to you!

The circle of giving and receiving is a beautiful way to create abundance in your life!



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