The Circle of Life

I had just picked up Mom and Aunt Kit to head to Atlantic City for the day. We try to do this a few times a year so they get their 3 card poker fix.  They both can sit at that table for hours. We were chatting when I heard a text come through on my phone.  It was my nephew letting us know it was baby time! His wife was in labor. We all got excited and then Aunt Kit and I got quiet.

“This is Uncle Tony’s anniversary, you know,” She said to me. “Oh I know,” I replied. And immediately I said, “the perfect circle of life, I think it means something very special.”

And the three of us headed off to their favorite spot on earth talking about a new baby and the circle of life.

At the time of a birth, the circle of life is full of joy and happiness. We began to talk about Uncle Tony and how cool he really was. To have an uncle, who at 70 years old, drove a Harley and picked you up on Saturday to take a ride to Belmar was very special. I could talk to my Uncle about anything. And he told me a lot about his life. We spent a lot of time together and I trusted him as I trust my parents. He was always there, always a supporter and always a lot of fun. I have always hoped I was half the aunt that he showed me.

I started to think about Bryan, and realized he is also a cool guy, laid back like our uncle. And he and I talk about a lot of things. I also know he will always be there for me, I take great comfort in knowing that.  I smiled as I realized that Bryan was very much like Uncle Tony.

Alexander was born that afternoon and we were so excited when we saw the picture of him. Of course we were yelled at many times by the pit boss, that phone wasn’t supposed to be out. But he did admire the baby picture.

The circle of life is really front and center right now as I watch my parents age into their 90’s. I am very blessed to have them at all, and them still living in their home. But the reality of the circle of life continues to become clearer and clearer. The frail frame of my mom and the forgetfulness, reminds me that she is no longer the 85 year old woman who didn’t get off the dance floor at any wedding or event. I guess somehow I never expected that to happen.

As I age, I am spending more time thinking about the next chapter. How will I really spend my time, where will I live? What am I truly passionate about and want to pursue?

 And the circle of life is front and center again.



  1. Wayne Steinman on October 1, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    Uncle Tony is sorely missed. But, like you, take joy in the circle of life, with the birth of Alexander. XOXO

  2. Karen Koch on October 1, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    Congrats on the new baby!! And what a beautiful, thought provoking piece! Love it. Enjoy your parents. (I know you do!). Even when they get in your nerves! (As all parents do!) When my mom was older, she once said, “It’s hard knowing YOU do so much for ME, when I used to do things for YOU.” I told her, “Mom, you’re BEING HERE is doing something for me.” xo Karen

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