The Moon is the Answer…

The moon shines so brightly on some evenings. No matter what phase it is in, there are days where you could dance in the moonbeam. It is a beacon across the dark and lonely sky, shining some light onto the ground to help you find your way. The moon is one of those bodies that calls me, over and over. I am drawn to the moon’s energy, the brightness, the phases and the face. That face, sometimes looking at you straight on and sometimes almost gives a profile view. Sometimes you can see the man in the moon and sometimes you see Jackie Gleason!

The moon has always made me feel small but never insignificant. It brightens the night sky but never outshines the stars. The moon allows for others to shine but it holds its place well among them. The moon allows me to wonder, to dream, to take in beauty, to rest. Some animals howl to a full moon, some are just drawn to it. It can leave a dizzying affect, washed over by love, and gratitude.

Moons and their phases can help us adjust if we use them as guide posts in our spiritual lives. For me, this has come in a few ways. I use the new moon and the full moon for rituals to really focus on what I need to release to serve my highest good as well as what I want to do, try, change, add to serve my highest good. By doing these each month, I stay a bit more on track with my own evolution. I am always growing, even if I regress, I notice it quickly and adjust in the next phase.

Each month we usually have at least one new moon and full moon phase. On the full moon, I release what is no longer serving me. Sometimes it is a person, sometimes it is a feeling. Sometimes it is both a feeling and a person. Sometimes it is a pattern of behavior that I see popping up again. Always, it is something that is holding me back from being my best, vibrating at a higher level of energy. On the new moon, I step forward with what I am going to do this next month to take inspired action toward any goals. It could be a spiritual practice I want to add or change. It could be an intention of how I plan to be for the month. It could be forgiving someone, whether they know they are being forgiven or not. All of it is always about stepping forward to be my best, live my best life and serve mine and the world’s highest good.

By using these as guideposts, I can then see how I have changed and grown almost by the month. I also notice when I am releasing the same thing each month, that just releasing it isn’t enough. I need to do other work, more work.¬†Sometimes you need more than a ritual to release things. Sometimes you need therapy or healing sessions. Sometimes you need time alone in nature. Sometimes you need to have that conversation you have been putting off. Sometimes you need to not just let go of the feeling but let go of the person. Sometimes you have to throw things away, mail them back, burn them. Whatever it is, sometimes you need more than the ritual to have it make the lasting impact that you want and need to serve your highest good.

I am a believer in always doing the work to be my best self. I also know there a lot of people out there who don’t bother to change or work on themselves. And that is fine, it is a personal choice. ¬†As I grow though I start to see who I may end up leaving behind. I know that being around people who drain my energy, who vibrate at low levels of energy and who live in a black and white, judgement world of duality gets harder and harder for me. As I grow, I start to see that my time alone is more precious than ever and my energy is mine. I don’t want other people’s negative energy.

Sometimes you need more than a ritual to help yourself. Sometimes you need more than the moon. But most times, the moon is the answer.

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