The Realization of the Journey


As I walked into the bathroom to freshen up after working all morning, it hit me. I worked all year at retraining my brain to be positive, to focus on what I control and my reaction to issues and situations. I have battled to take pathways that have been focused on the negative and refocus them positively. That hasn’t been easy and I’m not perfect. But as I looked at myself in the mirror I realized that it was coming back to me. The positive energy I have been putting out there in the universe is being returned to me and then some. What an amazing revelation that this works. That the universe’s energy and your energy are in sync.

This journey started quite a while ago. It has had fits and starts, 3 steps forward, 10 steps back…but the lessons are finally being learned. I can feel the difference and now I see the difference. I have gone through such a metamorphosis. Like the butterfly, I have taken on a new shape and move about this world differently.

I began 2014 in my shorehouse in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. My slice of heaven. I have awakened on New Year’s Day in this house since 2008 and this one was exceptional. I had just returned from a transformational trip to Italy and was renewed, rejuvenated and raring to start 2014. I was considering a new role in my company, was beginning to write more seriously and had made it through a very rough holiday season whole. When I woke up I laid in bed for a moment, thinking about the new year I was about to face! What would I do differently?

I already was working with a life coach/happiness advocate and Gina was helping me think about my vision moving forward. I continued to spend time with my authentic circle led by my amazing cousin Shari. I was still working out with Lauren and down about 35 pounds at that point. I was feeling pretty good about my life at that moment. I missed having a partner, but I also knew I was not ready to trust someone. The online thing wasn’t working for me, nor did anyone in my circle know anyone! Oh well, focus on me for now.

As I got out of bed and stretch I sang to myself, “You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart…” and realized that felt great! What a way to start the day, to remind yourself that you are full of love and you have to share that love. You want to share that love. You want others to feel what you feel. And a ritual was started at that moment.

I have said those words out loud every morning since then. It helps me start my day and get up focused on the positive. What a way to begin! This practice grew and now there are affirmations taped on my mirror in my bathroom as well. I have affirmations hanging across my desktop computer, a desk calendar of affirmations and I made my first vision board. Really, more of a reminder board. The board reminds me to live from the heart, show the world all the love I have and most of all love me.

All of these positive steps remind me constantly to put out positive energy, the universe needs it and I need it. This is one of my realizations along my journey. Life is much better when you focus on the positive and what you are grateful for. I remind myself each day that nobody has truly been able to love me fully since I didn’t love me fully. I do now!

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