Times Are A Changin’

The small black and yellow butterfly flitted around Charlie and landed on the deck rail. It sat there, regal in its stance, as if it was waiting to be acknowledged. Within moments of noticing this beautiful sight, the first dragonfly of the season flew by and went directly toward the pond. Charlie followed it over and watched it dance across the water. His head whipped around in a second as he caught a glimpse of two hummingbirds heading for the feeders. Their swift movements and buzz totally caught his attention as his head stayed up in the air as if he could catch them. They are too fast and too high for him to do anything but sit in wonder.

All three of these beautiful works of art by Mother Nature adorning the yard at the same time seemed a bit like a sign to me, a coincidence that has meaning. Interestingly, all three are my favorite summer time “animals.” The only thing missing was a firefly! All three have history with both me and with ancient civilizations, carrying meanings far deeper than “Yay! It’s Summer!”

All three, along with the fox family who still lives under my shed, are here when I am on the precipice of major shifts both internally and externally. You may recall from a few weeks ago, the fox represents feminine energy, using our intuition and being open to receive. I have been focusing on living more from my heart than my head, using my feminine gifts much more than my hardline masculine gifts. I am allowing more to flow than I have in the past. In doing so I see how rigid some around me can be, how they cannot let things flow but must  mastermind every step. In part, all of these animal totems represent feminine energy. They are all about flow with some differences that, for me, enhance each other.

The dragonfly, for instance, symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability and self realization. The change the dragonfly represents usually has its source in mental and emotional growth, an understanding of the deeper meaning of life. As I serve more clients and focus more on my own energy shifts, I see a deeper meaning in all that I do. A great validation of these shifts that I am making, a focus on bringing love and light to the world, not what the world needs to give to me.

The butterfly, a totem I have had for most of my life, is one that allows me to feel the presence of those who have gone before me. The butterfly also are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. Around the world, the butterfly is representative of endurance, change, hope and life. So another validation of all the transformations I have been through, those that are coming and my ability to not only endure these changes but thrive in them.

The hummingbird is seen as healers and bringers of love. It is said that they bring love to all who spot them. And my heart is finally opening to love. I have been working through letting go of a relationship that never materialized into what I thought it might and in fact has become a stranger to me. All of those expectations, all of the love I felt, once again had my inner critic reminding me that I’m not worthy, not good enough. I have been fighting that for months. I have been arguing with my inner critic, putting her in a corner only to let her out again when I am weak. When I can’t change the story, she takes over. Then I fight again, I tell her a new story and try to kick her out of the entire conversation. Slowly I am beginning to believe the new story.

It is not I who is not worthy. I deserve better than I have been given over the years, and this is no exception. All three of these symbols along with the fox came at a time when I needed validation. I need to trust the transformation process. I need to trust my intuition, and know that all the changes ahead are serving my highest good.

The physical transformation is also occurring. I am stronger than I have been physically, strong enough to get my 70 pound dog out of the pool when he jumped in! I am also seeing my body begin to transform and look and feel better than it has in years. The other physical transformation is about my home. Although I am not ready to sell it yet, I have more of a line of sight as to when and where I want to go, and am beginning the purging process to declutter what is here. Purging is a cleansing act that will continue to allow me to make room for more of what serves my greatest good.

Change and transformation abounds, as I continue to stay in the flow of creativity and joy. Sending love into the world, and seeing it bounce back. These totems and signs fill me with joy and peace, as I continue to move in the direction of my dreams.

Allow life to flow, be more present and enjoy the journey.

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