Winter Well-being

Winter. A time for hibernation. A time for reflection. A time for allowing those seeds that were planted in the fall to take hold. A time for shedding the old as we create the new. For many of us, it becomes a time of solitude and despair. Especially this winter when travel is reduced, going out has been stifled and seeing people may not be in our best interest. Many people over the years have had an association of winter and lack of sunlight with depression and sadness.

What if we looked at winter as a time for well-being? Instead of what is lacking, we look at what we are creating. Instead of being sad that we cannot see everyone or go all the places we want, we focus on ourselves, travel inward and understand what we want to create moving forward. Allow this time to be a time of re-birth, of re-creating who we are, what we want and what is truly of importance.

Winter tends to keep us indoors far more than many of us really want. Perhaps using that time indoors to create new habits of well-being for ourselves and learning new ideas and thoughts could help us become an even better version of ourselves as the seasons turn and the thaw begins. Understanding ourselves, what we need, what we no longer need allows us to flow more with the stream of well-being that is there whether we allow it or resist it. Letting go of old beliefs, letting go of old rules of living and creating new spaces for growth can only enhance who we are and what we aspire to be.

In speaking with someone recently, she asked me if I was an introvert or an extravert. Now before you laugh, she asked because I talked about how much I loved working from home. Having to walk from my bedroom to my office instead of commuting an 1 1/2 each way every day was pure pleasure for me. I love that I don’t wear any of the work clothes that I spent so much money on over the years, no longer spend much on dry cleaning and have the ability to work when I want and not on someone else’s schedule all contribute to this feeling. I shared that I was an extravert but that I truly valued my time alone now and felt that I re-energize more alone than I do with others now. I still love the energy I receive from people, places and things, but I also love the energy I create from being alone in nature, reading, meditating and playing with my dog.

What I love most is that I use this time alone, this time I have to become a better version of me. This year my word is Soar. One of my intentions for the year is to Soar to new heights with my physical, emotional and mental health. I already see the differences I am making. I am eating healthier than ever and have lost 12 pounds. I have more energy and feel better in my body. I am learning new things as I study pilates on a deeper level and read more about the limbs of yoga. I focus more on abundance than lack and have cleared many of those old beliefs along with people who may have held me back.

I am allowing this winter to be a winter of well-being. I am beginning to plant the seeds for spring that will germinate and create more of what I want in my life. Certainly that isn’t to say it is all working terrifically, but I no longer focus on the words “should”, “can’t” and “perfection.” I focus on progress, learning, and growth.

I am still a believer in this cha-cha of life. I dance it, taking those steps forward, side-to-side and backwards. I see each step for what it is and how it creates an entire dance, one that I love. As I shed things and people this winter, I feel lighter. I see what has held me back and I continue to focus on moving myself forward.

Winter can be a time of sullenness or happiness. It can be a time for gluttony or shedding. It can be whatever you want it to be, we each get to choose that path.

Winter well-being. What are you choosing to shed?


  1. Caroline on February 25, 2021 at 11:41 pm

    Hi Suzy,
    I meant to send you a comment earlier in the week, but it got away from me! I really think sometimes you and I are aligned in the universe. I’ve been journaling about “shedding” since that is what I’ve been doing for the last month! Even tonight I’m cleaning out my car, 192k miles! Yikes… I had to get a new cell phone a couple of weeks ago, that alone is a process of shedding and rebuilding! Lol! I also switched jobs, and moved my office and cleaned out 17 years of stuff! Felt good to move with only 3 boxes of essentials only for my pre retirement role. I have a new location, 10 minutes from the beach too!
    So when I read this I REALLY could relate to it!
    Planting the seeds for the new year! Love you!!!

    • Suzy on February 26, 2021 at 12:56 pm

      Caroline, we need to catch up , so many things changing!! I love how aligned we are, I too am shedding a lot of patterns of behavior, beliefs and stuff. After the last months scare, starting to clean the house out to consider a move. Planting seeds, and letting go, the cycle of growth and abundance! Love you and thank you for being such an inspiration to me!

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